The Initio INIC-1611 provides an advanced solution to connect SATA devices to USB or SATA Host with integrated CPU and embedded SRAM/ROM. To provide high performance and cost effective solution, the INIC-1611 integrates USB-PHY Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only USB function, SATA link/PHY core and microprocessor into a single ASIC. The INIC-1611 provides the data transfer rate of up to 60 MB/sec connecting to a 1.5G SATA interface.

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Features Summary

  • Integrates USB2.0 PHY IP core.
  • Data transfer rate of up to 60 MB/sec on USB side, 150 MB/sec on SATA side.
  • Integrated internal Turbo 8051 uP with 24KB embedded ROM and 2KB SRAM.
  • External NVRAM supported.
  • Support HID.
  • Up to 9 GPIO pins.
  • Use a single crystal for both USB and SATA.
  • Supports SATA (bridged SATA) Hard Disk drives, CD-RW devices, DVDs, Removable media devices, BD (Blu-Ray Disc) drive
  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compliant.
  • USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Specification Compliant.
  • Serial ATA Revision 2.5 specification Compliant. (Hot Plug is supported).
  • Support SATA to SATA pass through.
  • Supports SATA NCQ.
  • Supports 3Gbps SATA host and 3Gbps SATA HDD
  • Support ATA/ATAPI device DMA and PIO mode.
  • 2k bytes of data buffer for data transfer.
  • On-Chip 3.3V to 1.8V regulator.
  • 64 pin LQFP

Firmware/Software Support
  • USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport support
  • Provide software utilities for NVRAM upgraded.


Device Support
  • Hard disk drives
  • CD-RW devices
  • DVDs
  • Removable media devices
  • Blu-Ray Disk driver

INIC-1611 Datasheet

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