The Initio INIC-162x provides advanced Host Adapter features in a single 128 pin TQFP package with 2 Serial ATA, 32-bit/66 MHz PCI 2.3 compliant, and Cardbus compliant interfaces. The third memory interface allows access to FLASH and Serial EEPROM devices. The Flash interface provides Read/Write access to the attached BIOS. The Serial EEPROM interface provides Read/Write access to the attached Serial EEPROM for bus configuration information.

Features Summary

Features Summary

PCI 32 bit/66 MHz Interface

  • PCI 2.3 compliant interface
  • Burst transfer rate of 264 Mb/s
  • Built in hardware bus master engine

ATA Interface

  • Serial ATA Revision1.0a, Serial ATA II Revision 1.0 (Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0).
  • Serial ATA transfer rate of 1.5 Gb/s.
  • Supports two SATA/eSATA channels.
  • Supports SATA NCQ, TCQ commands

Memory Interface

  • Support for 256K FLASH and Serial E2PROM


  • 256 Byte data FIFO for each channel

On Board PCI Bus Master Engine

  • On board Bus Master Engine relieve the system processor from book keeping and enhance performance

Uses Initio¡¦s Proprietary Host Adapter Mode of Operation

  • Initio Proprietary AutoDMA mode (IDMA)
  • Queued/Overlapping ATA Commands Support

Other Features

  • Disk RAID 0/1 support (only for inic-1622TA2/1623TA2).
  • SATA hot plug/unplug hardware support
  • Implements Power Management
  • Full driver support for all Major Operating Systems
  • BIOS supports for DOS, Windows and MAC OS(only for inic-1623TA2) applications without driver involvement.
  • Supports Plug and Play allowing users to change configurations without the use of jumpers

INIC-1615 Datasheet


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